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Design Process Workshop


Tie Design had the pleasure of working with Tech Nordic Advocates Finland Cohort by supporting their Mentorship program members to gain insights into the design process, and how it can be effectively applied to entrepreneurs’ business projects.

Integrating design thinking can enhance problem-solving, innovation, and overall product appeal, making it crucial for entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with the design process to foster holistic and successful business development.

The Challenge

Tie Design designed the From ideas to service -workshop preparation work included theoretical introductions to the topics, activities, interaction planning as well as adapting selected service design tools to the workshop. Suvi and Sara from Tie Design facilitated the workshop and brought their hands on experience on design process to the workshop.

The workshop started with joint warm up activity and with an introduction. Over the course of the workshop participants were guided through the stages of designing digital services. Starting from understanding user needs, to building interfaces. Subsequently, each participant completed individual activities, which followed opportunities to share and discuss their findings in pairs.

Towards the end of the workshop, we discovered the diverse roles and responsibilities that contribute to the success of digital service design. The workshop duration was two and a half hours including breaks.

Practical approach

The interactive approach of the workshop ensured that participants got a hands-on experience with on application of concepts learned during the workshop. The workshop participants were active and collaborated throughout the workshop. Several participants said that the workshop activities were helpful and that they would utilize the tools later on their businesses with their colleagues.

“It was really nice that the training was very engaging and practical. Certainly good exercise for everyone.”

Let’s start with the idea.

We are here to help companies with small and large development projects when service, business and visual design skills are needed

Tie Design is based in Helsinki Finland, but we work remotely with international projects. Drop us a note, and we will get back to you to discuss on how we could help to take your ideas into action.

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