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Soma Uplifting is a face and mood enhancing massage technique developed by SKY-yo ecocosmetologist and educator Satu-Aamu Kangas.

Satu-Aamu had been collecting ideas from the cards in her notebook for years and decided to implement her idea of presence exercise, message and power word cards to uplift her state of being. They wanted to expand the service into a holistic experience that customers could take home with them.

The message of the cards should be as clear and understandable as possible to the user, so that the person can immerse themselves in the state of mind conveyed by the cards.

The project included editing the texts created by Satu-Aamu, creating the visual look of the card set and a uniform for the product. The cards were intended to give their users an uplifting, joyful, light and soft feeling. Tie Design’s Sara individually coloured the cards with watercolours. The symbols on the cards were designed and executed digitally. The design focused on clear colours and symbols that support the message.

44 cards were designed as well as the instructions and packaging. The format and material of the cards were chosen according to the concept. The cards were tested before final printing.

Satu-Aamu, Soma Uplifting

The unique treatment concept has attracted media attention. Several articles have been published about the project and the cards.

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