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Here are examples of our services along with preliminary prices. Final costs are determined based on the starting point and goals of the project. Contact us at for a offer – where we provide detailed breakdowns of project stages and deliverables.

What is a service journey map? It’s a series of touchpoints between the customer and the service. Customer journey is ideal tool to use when designing new services or enhancing current ones. With journey map we often leverage service design, graphic design, and illustration.

About. Journey mapping involves often workshops, surveys, interviews, and observation. It usually starts by gathering information about customers’ needs and current experiences with the service.

Based on this information, customer personas are formed. After this different service stages of the customer journey are identified – awareness creation, consideration, purchase, deployment, and aftercare.

Outcome. A blueprint for a seamless multichannel customer experience. The journey map clarifies collaboration in service delivery and aids in planning the use of technology and communication throughout the customer journey.

Price starting from 2 400€ + VAT. Including a preparatory meeting, one or two workshops (approximately 4 hours), workshop planning and facilitation, and workshop summary (e.g., a visualized journey map).

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What is concept design? It is the process of taking an idea, knowledge or a skill and turning it into a concept. It is a strategic process through which a company clarifies its idea and ensures it meets the needs of its customers.

Concept design helps to plan the launch of a service. Concept design usually includes service design and graphic design.

About. Concept design is an iterative development process, involving close collaboration with clients, developing empathy and identifying problems. The concept design process is divided into a number of steps. In projects, we may focus on some or all of them.

In the beginning of the process, it is essential to understand the needs and experiences of the customers. In the ideation phase, a set of ideas and concepts are created in response to the identified needs. Potential concepts are then prototyped and tested to simulate the service. Based on feedback, the prototype is modified as necessary. It is also essential to evaluate the business model during the conceptualisation process. How will the service be produced, how will it be priced and how will it deliver value to both customers and the business?

Outcome. Iinnovative and distinctive concepts, customer-centric thinking and risk minimisation.

Price starting from 5 900€ + VAT. Duration about 2-2.5 months, during which the idea of the service is typically defined (workshops, interviews), the prototype is visualised in an understandable form, tested (interviews, observations) and finalised in an agreed form.

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What is a workshop? A workshop is a method of bringing together different stakeholders, such as customers, team members and others, to plan, brainstorm and solve business challenges. Workshops can be used for training, problem solving, change management and to foster creative working. We use service design and illustration to deliver the workshops.

About. At the beginning, we look deeper into the situation of the client organization. We define the objectives for the workshop and discuss the activities that are appropriate for the workshop.

During the workshop, the facilitator guides the workshop process, encourages interaction, creates a safe atmosphere and supports the client in achieving the workshop objectives. After the workshop, follow-up activities such as follow-up meetings and further training are often planned to support the long-term impact of the workshop.

Outcome. A good workshop is inspiring. It provides concrete tools and ideas that participants can use in their work. After the workshop, there is often an evolution in the practices of the team that participated, which strengthens the team’s ability to achieve its goals.

Price starting from 2 400€ + VAT. Including planning, workshop design, facilitation, workshop materials, workshop summary and follow-up recommendations.

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The visual communication training has been developed for beginners, but is also suitable for people who need concrete tips on how to communicate visually. The training works with a group to practice the basics of visual communication from a practical business perspective.

About. Depending on the needs of the group of participants: visual communication as part of business; brand & visual communication; visual design basics; photography in visual communication; visuality in social media.

Outcome. Confidence and efficiency in making visual communication choices. To communicate visually in a way that is authentic and appealing to customers.

Price starting from 890€ + VAT. Including 3h basic session at the client’s premises or as a hybrid. A three-workshop training package starting from 2 700€ + VAT (max group size 20). Instructors are Tie Design professionals. Available in English and Finnish!

Lue lisää koulutuksen esitteestä. Tutustu myös koulutuksen pohjalta julkaistuun Visuaalisen viestinnän oppaaseen.

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What is communication design? It is the systematic planning of the visual and subject content of marketing communications for a defined objective and time period. We use service design, graphic design and illustration in our projects.

About. We will start by looking at the target audiences for the client organisation’s communications and the current perception of the organisation’s communications. The work will include comparative analysis, surveys, interviews and a workshop.

Based on the mapping and identification of communication issues, we will put together a visual communication plan and implement the visual elements.

Outcome. A coherent content marketing plan that supports the brand and the information needs of target audiences, as well as recognisable visual communication.

Price starting from 2 900€ + VAT. Including communication theming, graphic elements (4-8 pieces), layout of online publications, illustration photos (photography and/or editing, 5 photos). Instruction and guidance on the use of publication templates.

Lue lisää some-viestinnän projektista, jonka toteutimme MLL Helsingin yhdistyksen Turvaverkko Helsingille.

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What is corporate identity? It is a recognisable look based on the brand identity of an organisation or company, summarised into visual elements. In designing a corporate identity, we make particular use of graphic design and illustration.

About. In cooperation with the client organisation, we will delve deeper into the brand identity and business objectives. Make 2 to 3 business image statements, specifying the elements that make up the business image. Depending on the objectives and style, the corporate identity will be created using graphics, painting, illustrated photographs or videos.

Outcome. Identifiable and emotionally effective communication. A clear layout plan that the company can use in different communication channels.

Price starting from 2 900€ + VAT. including typography, colours, graphic elements (4-8 pieces), illustration photos (max. 3), banners for some profiles, instructions on how to use the look, examples of some posts. Corporate identity with logo from 3 400€ + VAT. With website design and implementation (max. 7 pages) from 3 400€ + VAT. 5 400€ + VAT.

Lue lisää yritysilmeen kehittämisestä ja tutustu millaisen yritysilmeen kehitimme EduGems Finlandille.

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