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Service Design for Social Media Communications


SafetyNet Helsinki

The Helsinki-based Mannerheim League for Child Welfare’s “SafetyNet” Turvaverkko Helsinki helps people who are experiencing violence or the threat of violence in a close relationship or in their family. SafetyNet communicated about their services to potential customers and stakeholders on their webpage and in social media. The people who seek services from SafetyNet Helsinki come from a wide range of backgrounds and life situations.


The goal of the project was to make SafetyNet Helsinki’s expertise and services visible in their social media channels. SafetyNet employees wasted to ensure that their services reach those who need them and to lower the barrier for customers contacting them. SafetyNet Helsinki also wanted to be recognizable with its own social media presence.


We started the project by familiarizing ourselves with relevant themes. We discussed about suitable approaches and discovered SafetyNet Helsinki’s ability to produce visual communication material. Through employee interviews, we profiled the target groups for communications and topics. This information was also used for formulating a visual identity for SafetyNet Helsinki’s social media.

Visual appearance

We designed a logo for SafetyNets Helsinki and layouts for their publications with graphic elements based on the graphic guidelines of the The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. We designed customizable sample posts to social media which serve as a source of inspiration for SafetyNet Helsinki employees.

Content Design

It is important to communicate the expertise and services of violence specialists to those in need and to stakeholders. Based on information gathered during project, we designed a communication matrix for SafetyNet Helsinki where different topics were divided into categories, from which we provided content suggestions and communication starters that would catch the reader’s attention.

Project Impact

The employees of SafetyNet Helsinki felt that the visual identity was their own and reflected what SafetyNet Helsinki is and wants to be for its customers.

Visual materials have been used in a variety of ways. Video presentations of services and SafetyNet Helsinki have been added to Instagram stories, so that they are always available for those considering contacting SafetyNet Helsinki.

SafetyNet Helsinki’s social media presence has increased and the materials produced during the project have been used also in other communication projects.

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