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and Teamwork

Tie Design was established in 2020. The company was born from a mutual desire to help companies develop services and enhance customer experience through design and visual expression.

Suvi Ferraz
Founder, Service Designer, MBA, Trainer

Suvi is a curious service designer and professional trainer with extensive experience in developing and commercializing international services, as well as managing development projects. She is committed to integrate sustainability into her design work and is passionate about facilitating interactions between people to foster sustainable collaboration.

Sara Fager
Creative Art Director, Service Designer, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Sara is a creative and imaginative service designer with a strong passion for approaching service design processes from a visual communication perspective. She brings extensive experience in graphic design to her service design projects and has successfully conducted numerous user surveys, online surveys, and workshops.

Riikka Ruotsalainen
Concept Designer, freelancer, Artist

Riikka is a customer service specialist and a designer. She has held customer service positions in various industries. In addition, Riikka has worked in sales, marketing and visual communications. Customer service and service development are close to Riikka’s heart. Riikka is a graphic designer by education and holds a master’s degree in business administration. Riikka practices visual arts.

Service Design Framework

  • 1. Tilanne. Keskustellaan projektin tavoitteista, lähtökohdista ja toiveista.
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