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EduGems trains teachers and schools in integrating sustainable development into educational curriculum. Initially the company focused on providing camping schools for children and young people, but they pivoted their services and business model in response to the challenges posed by Covid-19.

With shifts in target audience and services offered, the company’s visual identity no longer aligned with its evolving activities. Therefore, the main focus of our joint project was to design a new corporate image and improve the user-friendliness of the website and their course platform through customer understanding.

EduGems international team actively participated in the project through collaborative workshops and remote assignments. Drawing from these engagements, we refined their course content descriptions, streamlined their course platform, and optimized websites information architecture.

The visual identity was shaped by input from both customers and stakeholders. We conducted a comprehensive assessment of the company’s corporate image, identifying where and how it resonates with EduGems’ customers.

Linda Suomela-Hemangkorn, Founder of EduGems

The new corporate identity combines EduGems’ energy and company mission. It appeals to EduGems’ customers, teachers and schools, and engages students. The corporate identity incorporates a variety of elements that EduGems will include in social media communications, presentations, videos, websites and learning materials, keeping the brand cohesive and recognizable.

During the project we designed and implemented the following:

  • the content and appearance of websites
  • visual elements
  • customizable certificate templates
  • company presentation

Linda Suomela-Hemangkorn, Founder of EduGems

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