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The process tool for designing media publications has been developed by Tie Design. It has been developed as part of the business studies and tested alongside the studies. The aim of the tool is to provide content creators with a process for brainstorming and designing creative social content.

To who?

For social media content creators.


With success, the process tool can be used to create visually appealing, interactive creative content

By using a creative process of ideation and design, it is possible to access something “not yet seen” that attracts interest.


The process is divided into four stages: finding the idea, refining the idea and publishing the idea. For each stage, ready-made methods are provided to support creative ideation and planning.

Make the tool part of what you do, and share it with others.

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Want to participate in the development of the service?

We are grateful for all comments, experiences and suggestions for improvement. So please leave your comments on our services so we know how to improve them further.

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