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Redesigning Company Logo and Visual Identity



OK Salonki has provided beauty and wellness services in Helsinki for almost 40 years. The company was founded in 1984, when the logo was designed. Over the years, a visual identity evolved around the logo, which varied according to the years and seasons. In addition to the logo, customers recognized OK Salonki by its green – grey – white color palette.

Visual Evolution

The original logo was integral to the company’s identity, recognized by customers who had relied on its services for decades. OK Salonki had considered updating their logo but faced initial challenges in doing so. Recognizing the logo’s significance in their identity, the company resolved to embark on a comprehensive revamp of their corporate visuals.

The new visual identity and logo style sought with the salon’s employees through scrapbooks and interviews.

New visual identity

The elements of OK Salonki’s visual identity were inspired by hairstyles and pampering treatments offered by the salon. The look intended to be colorful, echoing hair colors and the employees welcoming energy, while maintaining a recognizable identity.

The graphic guidelines were accompanied with visual elements that employees would use in communications:

  • in digital screens
  • on social media updates
  • on gift cards
  • in print advertisements

Visual elements in social media

Print materials

The new visual identity is used on:

– businesscards
– window price lists
– collapsible price lists
– gift cards
– print images

As part of the project, two patterns were designed for brand bags: “salmiakki” pattern to black bags and heart pattern for red bags.

Pattern I
Pattern II

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