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From ideas to action

Tie Design is a service and visual design company. We support companies and organizations in innovating operating models, developing services and creating memorable visuals.

What we do

We are your partner in co-development and visual design projects. We tie together ideas and customer insight by applying design thinking to customer projects.

Service Design

When designing a service, it is imperative to understand its purpose, its demand and the service provider’s ability to produce it. By using service design methods, we help companies and organizations to co-create services to meet users’ needs.

Visual Design

For us, visual design is about expressing emotions and presenting ideas and thoughts in a user-friendly format. Our goal is to create memorable visual designs that support our customer’s corporate image and their desired user experience.


Service Design

Designing services that meet your customers needs.

Graphic Design

Creating visual experiences to various channels.

Web design

Designing user-friendly digital services.


Transforming emotions, stories, and ideas into engaging illustrations.


Learn about visual communication from a business perspective.


Design professionals on project-by-project basis.

With service design methods we help companies and organizations bring service users’ voices to the center of development processes. We help customers develop ideas into action. We have worked in digital service development, content marketing and visual design projects.

References available on our Finnish site.

Design thinking is a way to team up, organize work, define and solve challenges.

We utilize design thinking methods according to each project outline. Projects start by discovery and problem definition, which follows an iterative design and testing phases, before a solution is formulated.

  • 1. Discovery on goals, hopes and dreams.
We are a team of service and graphic designers, and business developers with experience in professional education, customer service, well-being, advertisement, and travel & tourism industries.

Suvi Ferraz
Founder, Business Designer
Riikka Ruotsalainen
Visual Designer
Sara Fager
Graphic and Service Designer

We are here to help companies with small and large development projects when service, business and visual design skills are needed, and you wish to design memorable services and visuals.

Tie Design is based in Helsinki Finland, but we work remotely with international projects. Drop us a note, and we will get back to you to discuss on how we could help to take your ideas into action.