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My skills and competencies -worksheet is designed by Tie Design team. It was developed inspired by the Reveal your skills weeks organized by the Finnish Service Center for Continuous learning and Development.

The purpose of this exercise is to heighten our self-awareness regarding the components that constitute our individual skills.

To whom?

An individual exercise that can be done in pairs or in a group as part of a workshop.


Mapping and verbalizing the skills and strengths you have developed over a lifetime.


You can fill in the sections of the worksheet electronically on your computer and tablet, or print it out. Please remember to include a picture of yourself in the worksheet. Allow about 15 minutes for completion.

Take a moment to stop and reflect on what you know, and share it with others.

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Participate to the development

We are grateful for all comments, experiences and suggestions for improvement. So please leave your comments and ideas on our guides and tools so we know how to improve them further.

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