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Service purpose. Crystallization of an idea, expertise, skill, or a thing within an organization into a concept.

Service gains. A cohesive service concept for streamlining service operation in an organization.

Service purpose. Development of customer’s service experience during all service touchpoints.

Service gains. A refined customer service model and smooth cooperation with the organization when delivering the service.

Service purpose. Identifying organizational change elements and turning those into opportunities.

Service gains. Systematic reaction to change elements in the organization and to participatory activities when developing services.

Service purpose. Systematic marketing communications planning to a particular period and against defined business goals.

Service gains. A clever content marketing plan for targeted communications in terms of visualization (e.g. illustration, video) and online optimization.

Service purpose. Expressing corporate purpose in visual elements.

Service gains. Consistency in communications and authentic visuals, as part of effective online and offline communication.

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